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Fixer Colombia & Production Services Colombia. We are Colombia´s premier fixers & production service company having provided English-speaking production support to the largest names in film, television and advertising for the past 10 years.

Our reputation speaks for itself with an established track record of over 100 global productions completed in Colombia with international producers and production companies from the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

We have a dedicated team to provide you with immediate solutions and advice on any issue, from the relatively minor to the highly complex, from a 30 second TV spot to a full-length feature film.

If you are thinking of filming in Colombia we can help….

About us

Screen Colombia was set up in Bogota in 2010 by British producer John Paul Lancaster and Colombian producer Carolina Luna.

Since then our reputation and team has grown to cover a wide range of film, television, documentary and commercial spots offering a dedicated production team and service in each of these formats.

We concentrate solely on providing production services and our local knowledge, work ethic and experience of working exclusively with international productions guarantee’s the comfort, delivery and standard of work that foreign producers expect.




Colombian born Luna was raised bi-lingual and studied journalism in Bogota, working for several years at RCN in factual. In later years she worked as a free lance 1st AD on several international features, TV and commercials in both Colombia & the UK before founding Screen Colombia in 2010.


jp John Paul has a professional background in senior management and source funding in the UK, he studied film in Sheffield and London, working across various departments before moving to Colombia. He has locally line produced over 20 international productions and speaks Spanish as a second language.



Studied Design in Bogota after she studied Modern Languages and worked in London, Dani is our newest member and she is an integral part of the team.

Production Services

Screen Colombia is a ‘full service’ production company, with the ability to produce films, documentary, TV and commercial spots at any level of cost or complexity. We can tailor our service to meet your exact needs from the full support of a well established production services company to individual bi-lingual line producers or fixers. Services available include:

  • Pre-production research, development and location scouting
  • Scheduling, budgeting and management of the local production
  • Acting as the Production Services Company or Colombian line producer
  • Management and advice on all immigration, visa and work permit issues
  • Negotiation of all deals with cast, crew, locations and vendor suppliers
  • Logistical management of all accommodation, catering, transport and security
  • Securing all legal paperwork including location permits and release forms
  • Professional legal, finance and accounting advice


In addition to our extensive back catalogue of existing locations in Colombia we also offer a full scouting and location service including arrangement of all permits and releases. More details on the wide variety of Colombian locations are available on our location page.


All our crew are bi-lingual and A-list industry professionals having worked in a variety of international film and television. We can supply CV’s and reels on request, advise on departmental strengths, crewing positions, technicians and HOD’s. Plus with few union restrictions Colombia offers one of the most competitive film crew markets in the world with very competitive day rates.


Colombia offers a natural diversity of ethnicities and physiques that provide a rich palette for casting including Latin, Caucasian, Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean looks. With a wide variety of looks and skills available, we work with the leading casting agents, managers and extras agencies to provide photo and video casting reels tailored to your exact needs.


We have accounts with the largest rental houses in Colombia allowing us to offer discounted rates for a variety of production budgets and requirements. There are a selection of Arri 35mm film cameras, top-end HD cameras (Phantom Flex & Gold, Arri Alexa’s, Sony Cine Alta’s, F900, Red Epic & Canon C300). There are a wide range of tungsten and HMI lights, tracks, dolly and mounts as well as specialist grip and rig equipment (Milo Mark Roberts Motion Control, Supertechno Crane ST 30, Helicopter rigs Middle/Nose Mount II and Camera Cars with Myler Mounts). Simply send us the specification of what you require for a quote or ask us for a full list of available equipment.


Our team uses a number of budgeting formats including the latest versions of MM Budgeting and Excel to provide a detailed line by line breakdown of the budget for your production. We pride ourselves on our quick turn around and our ability to deliver accurate and cost effective budgets with up to date rates and current prices allowing you to make informed financial decisions for your production.


We work with only tried and tested service providers to the film and television industry to bring you the best prices at reduced rates in transport, catering, accommodation, security, equipment rental, accounting, legal and insurance. We have a variety of referenced providers and prices to service your production throughout Colombia so we can plan all your logistical needs within budget allowing you the time to focus on the shoot.


Colombia is now an attractive destination for both tourists and international businesses, enjoying a stable political climate and reduced incidents of crime. Nevertheless we understand that many international productions have safety concerns when visiting Colombia for the first time and our specialist team consisting of consultants from the armed services, government offices, police and private security companies are at hand to provide you with peace of mind. Our team works closely with the National Army and Police Force to provide added security from these organisations. As we work exclusively with foreign productions we are experienced in addressing the concerns you or your insurers may have, to provide factual advice and security solutions so that you and your team feel confident and safe during your stay.


Film Finance

The new film fund in Colombia is not a tax incentive but a straight repayment paid by the Colombian government in the form of a cash rebate 30-60 days after completion of the Colombian spend. The rebate is between 20 – 40% of the local production costs for films with a domestic budget in excess of $600,000 USD.

Our recently launched Screen Colombia Film Fund can help cash flow the rebate with the added assurance of the vested interest of a service production company with a financial stake in the project.

The application process for funding is straightforward and we can assist producers each step of the way including application to the panel of adjudicators, setting up of the trust fund, liaison with the fiduciary and financing the rebate, all of which are requisites of fund approval.

Our team of accountants specialise in film finance and having already successfully completed 2 projects under the new law, they are experienced in managing the trust and meeting the financial regulations of the fiduciary.

For more details on financing the rebate please contact us directly, for a downloadable guide to the new film law please click the link below.





    Colombia offers beautiful and diverse locations that are extraordinary unique and largely untapped by the international film making community with an abundance of differing micro-climates and topographies allowing producers to convincingly cheat many other parts of the world. It is the only country in South America to have both a Caribbean and Pacific coastline, the snow capped peaks of the Andes mountains, Amazonian rain forests, expansive desserts, volcanoes, idyllic Caribbean beaches, quaint Spanish colonial towns and of course bustling Latin cities. The country also offers long shooting days having 12 hours of daylight, 365 days a year making it an attractive location all year round. We have a large back catalogue of locations for you to choose from or our location scouting service can find you the perfect location specific to your particular needs. Please feel free to view a small selection of our back catalogue by clicking on the arrows displayed.


    Villa de Leyva colonial Colombia27BogotaNight 2Caribbean Coast Colombia 3Cartagenal Old Town 4La Guajira desert Colombia 22Location Colombia 6Ciudad Perdida AndesColombia Beach 8Wax Palms Cacora Valley 9Tatacoa Desert Colombia 10Skyline Modern Cartagena 11Rooftop Cartagena Cathedral 12Sierra Nevada 13Sunset Bogota 14Rio Magdalena River Colombia 15Indigenous Colombia Kogi 16Cartagena 17Tayrona National Park Colombia 18Quindio Coffee Growing Area 19Santa Marta Colombia 20Magdalena Rio River Colombia 21La Guajira 5Sanctuary Andes Colombia 24Old Town Cartagena Colonial 25Cows Countryside Colombia 26Boyaca Colonial Colombia 1Palomino 28Beach Huts San Andres 29Cartagena 30
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    Our Work


    Screen Colombia provides Colombian production services to some of the largest names in film, television and advertising. Below you can find our show reels for each of these formats with links to some of our more recent work.


    My Father Pablo Escobar, 60 Minutes Australia

    Nine Network News


    Naked and Afraid XL

    Discovery Channel


    Taylors of Harrogate Coffee Commercial

    Channel 4


    Dark Tourist




    Banged Up Abroad / Locked Up Abroad

    National Geographic Channel


    Lost Kingdoms of South America



    A Rose’s Journey

    Weather Channel


    Killing Pablo

    National Geographic Channel


    Los bebes de Bogota

    City TV




    Calle 112#14-65, Oficina 205, Bogota
    + 57 (1) 523 2671

    John Paul Lancaster
    +57 313 203 1261

    Carolina Luna
    +57 310 341 1720



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    Feature films

    Screen Colombia prides itself on it’s ability to provide production services for high end drama in television and cinema, and are registered as one of the Colombian film service companies necessary for productions to be deemed eligible under the new film law. We currently have 2 international feature films in production and a proven track record of producing television drama for the international market.

    We work with only the best people in the film industry from specialist accountants experienced in the new film law to international and domestic line producers experienced in shooting in Colombia. Using the very best professional advice to ensure business certainty, we can:

    • Schedule, budget and manage your production
    • Act as the Production Services Company and Colombian line producer
    • Manage all immigration, visa and work permit issues
    • Act as employer of record for above and below the line personnel
    • Negotiate all deals with cast, crew, locations and vendor suppliers
    • Oversee and manage the fiduciary and trust fund
    • Arrange financing of the rebate in advance of production

    We offer the comfort of working with a company that has exclusively worked with large international productions, this alongside our local knowledge and established working relationships with the best rental houses, crew, casting agencies and service providers make us an obvious choice for any foreign producers contemplating shooting in Colombia.

    More details on shooting in Colombia can be found in our downloadable guide FILMING GUIDELINES COLOMBIA.



    Screen Colombia has a wealth of experience filming all forms of factual television including documentary, drama/doc, TV reality and feature length documentary covering a wide variety of subject matters and themes all over Colombia.

    We have a proven track record of providing production services and fixers to a number of A-list international production companies for worldwide broadcast on channels including the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, Smithsonian, Animal Planet and the History Channel amongst others.

    Our services include the arrangement of any entry visas, provision of a local budget, organising local crew, equipment hire and obtaining location permits and contributor releases as well as arranging all logistical aspects such as accommodation, transport, catering and security if needed.

    We are also highly experienced and able to assist with any on the ground research, development or investigation of a story that may be required.

    For more information on the type of services we offer please visit our production services page.



    At Screen Colombia we offer production services to some of the largest agencies and international production companies representing the worlds biggest brands including Pepsi, Santander, Speedo, Discovery & Beierdsdorf.

    Colombia has a strong filmmaking infrastructure and a well-established advertising industry and as the production service provider we work with agencies and clients to develop strong pitches by sourcing unique locations, A-list crew, local and international talent and the very latest in equipment.

    Colombia offers 12 hours of daylight, 365 days a year with a unique variety of landscapes and climates. Plus with non-unionised labour laws it makes shooting here a cost effective and attractive option for many international producers and agencies.

    Our flexible approach means we can provide a detailed budget for your shoot, normally within a 24-hour turn around and we are always available to advise on any individual aspects.

    We can also source and provide show reels for a number of international and domestic Directors and DOP’s should you require.

    For more details on the services we offer and locations please visit our production service and locations pages.